Carbon and Graphite components are primarily used as seals in rotary joints to control the flow of liquid or steam for a stationary supply pipe to any rotating machining. There are useful due to their self lubricating properties, low specific density, hardness and inertness to the environment.

According to the client requests, the various grades of carbon are made available, with their choice of additives in them for specific properties.

Various parts such as Rotors, Vanes, Seed Chucks, Clutch Brake Parts, Metering Pump Parts, All types of Rings for Dairy Industry, Oil Industry as well as Compressor & Turbine Industries, Chemical Pump Parts, Crucibles etc. are manufactured which are use in Water Sewage Industries, Paper mills, Sugar factories, Refractories, Power generation Plants, Milk Machine & Dairy Equipment Machines, Heat Exchangers, Automotive Clutch Brakes, etc.