Being corrosion resistant to different degrees, stainless steels are used in various applications such as Dairy, Aircraft, Food & Beverage, Oil & Petroleum, Pump Shafts, Nozzles, Paper Mills, Reactors, Turbines, etc.

 1.Austenitic Stainless Steel

This steel is obtained by adding stabilizing elements like nickel, manganese and nitrogen. These material give resistance against corrosion and are essentially nonmagnetic.

2.Martensitic Stainless Steel

This steel contains about 12% of chromium. This alloy composition gives good hardness and high toughness. It has poor welding characteristics and thus, is considered as magnetic.

3.Ferritic Stainless Steel

This type of steel contains 10.5% to 27% of chromium. The presence of nickel is negligible. It has a magnetic property like carbon steel. It has minimal ductility and thus, reduced welding characteristics.

Stainless Steels that we offer are A2 (A2-70, A2-80), A4 (A4-70, A4-80), SS 303, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 316Ti, SS 317, SS 317L, SS 321, 410, SS 416, SS 420, SS 904, SS 904L and other variants thereof.

For standard industrial Fasteners, the grades are also known as :

ASTM A193 – B8 Class 1, (SS, AISI 304, carbide solution treated.)

ASTM A194 – B8M Class 1 (SS AISI 316, carbide solution treated).

ASTM A 193 – B8 Class 2 (SS AISI 304, carbide solution treated, strain hardened)

ASTM A 194 – B8M   Class 2 ( SS AISI 316, carbide solution treated, strain hardened)