1. Low Carbon Steel

Also known as Mild Steel or Plain-Carbon Steel, this steel contains less than 0.25% of carbon. It has relatively low tensile strength as compared to other steels, but that also renders it more malleable and ductile. Lesser carbon in it makes it easier to cold-form it, which, in turn makes it easier to mass manufacture.


  • The grades we work with are : Grade A36 / 44W / Grades C1008 / C1010/ C1018 / C1020 / C1022 usually used for cold headed fasteners and structural applications requiring modest strength.

2. Medium Carbon Steel

This steel contains 0.25% to 0.60% of carbon. It balances ductility and strength. This type of steel has very good wear resistance and thus, is used for automotive components.

C1030 / C1040 / C1045 / C1060 are some of the grades used for applications requiring strength and hardness such as bolts, shafts, axles etc.