Under normal circumstances, Plastics are light-weight, non-metallic and non-corrosive. The various characteristics of plastic can be enhanced with chemical and fiber additions to the core material. It helps increase the strength, hardness and ultra violet resistance.

The selection of the material is done on the basis of application and requirement of the fastener. Blueprint specifications are to be inspected before considering them for the production. Also, it is necessary to document and check the materials.

Materials used in these component part manufacturing are as follows:

Polyetheretherketone – PEEK

Polyethersulphone – PES

Polyethylene Terephthalate – PETP

Polysulfone – PSU

Polypropylene – PP

Polyurethane – PU

Poly Phenylene Sulphide – PPS

PolyOxy Methylene (Modified) – POM

Polyamide – Nylon (PA 6, PA 6 6)

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene – UHMW

Self Lubricated Nylon (Nyloil ®)